"Our mission is to bring forth meaningful messages."

Jolene & Linda

We believe that our loved ones continue to guide us along our path. Sometimes, because of our grief, we do not recognize the signs that are given to us to let us know that they are still present.
Our Services

We provide our clients various services to support our mission with Individual Readings by Linda, Jolene or both of us, Mediumship Seminars and Live Events.

Should you wish to book a live event, please contact us here.

Individual & Group Readings

A psychic consultation can provide you with insight into your potential end results to understand lessons, issues, and challenges you are dealing with or to connect with your loved ones and friends passed over.

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Medium-ship Seminars

Our “hands on” seminars focus on developing your own psychic ability in meditation, spirit guides, signs, synchronicity, psychic protection, the aura and chakras, and psychic tools (psychometry, tarot, billet reading).

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Our Live Events

We are currently showcasing live events across the United States in various cities and locations in an effort to support you in connecting with your loved ones who have passed over.

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Our Recent Writings

Sisters and mediums Linda West and Jolene Paterson combine their ability to connect people with loved ones who have crossed over.

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Honoring Our Parents

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